Maximum power
500 kW
Server spots
Production time
30 days

Our state-of-the-art mobile data center enjoys total mobility since it is built on the structure of a standard 20 feet marine container that can be moved directly to the energy source. With enough room to accomodate 156 ASIC miners, the power consumption of a single DATABOX can be as high as 0.5 MW, a considerable consumer even for power producers.

500 KW maximum performance

One of the main benefits of the Enerhash mobile data centers is the scalability of their performance. With a capacity of 0.5 MegaWatt (500 KW) per container, the data center is ideal to become a substantial consumer for a power plant. Its capacity can be configured between 200 and 500 KW per server which means 2500 Watts. However, it is worth using the maximum capacity of the container to reach higher economies of scale. In addition, the server farm can provide flexibility by switching each computer off if there is maintenance due or the power plant would rather sell to other buyers with higher margins temporarily. The entire container, including its physical structure and IT systems, was designed with the need of power generators in mind.

Easy installation

Transportation of a standard marine container is both cost-efficient and easily feasible by road. It may be worthwhile to change locations a few times a year, which is relatively easy to do with a mobile data center, thus adapting to the local characteristics of energy producers.

The 20-foot container takes up 6096 mm x 2438 mm x 2590 mm, which means it requires no more than 25 m2 of available space on a power plant site, including the space around for safe operations. In case of limited available space, they can be stacked.

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With the Enerhash DATABOX, even relocation between different locations is easily feasible

Server slots

The 20-foot container takes up 6096 mm x 2438 mm x 2590 mm, which means it requires no more than 25 m2 of available space on a power plant site, including the space around for safe operations. In case of limited available space, they can be stacked.

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The 20-foot container accommodates 156 server slots on a well-defined shelving system with each server having its own UTP cable and fuse

Remote control and internet connection

The operation of the server park can be fully controlled remotely, specifying what the consumptions of the servers should be in each hour. Software maintenance is also performed remotely via a VPN connection, only general cleaning, dusting and minor hardware problems require on-site intervention on a monthly basis.

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A stable internet connection is ensured by 4G antennas with dual SIM cards located on the outside of the container, which receive signal from two different service providers

A 4G mobile internet antenna guarantees controllability remotely, in which we have placed a double SIM card. We have a contract with two different service providers, which is necessary so that should one provider have issues with the connection, we can automatically switch to the other provider. At the same time, if available, we can operate the data center with a UTP cable, being the most optimal option, but not a must have. 4G antennas provide a reliable connection even in remote locations. Mining requires a stable and fast connection, but the data traffic used to operate the server park does not exceed 10GB per month.

The operation of the internal IT system is secured by 7 Mikrotik switches and a router. Enerhash selects modern and exceptionally reliable devices to maintain excellent performance over a wide temperature range (-40°C – + 70°C). As the side of the container allows for continuous ventilation, we need to ensure safe operation under quasi-outdoor conditions. The switches are located on the brackets, assuring that cleaning is easier and heat can dissipate.

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Mikrotik switches in the containers ensure smooth operation even under the most extreme weather conditions. We avoid placing them on the floor for an easier cleaning and better heat dissipation.

Power cabinet

The power cabinet stores the three cables providing the three-phase AC power. 400 Volts, the commonly used voltage, are required to operate the data center.

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Each computer has a separate fuse in the power cabinet, assuring that operation of the servers can be controlled individually


The side of the container features wall louvres to meet the airflow demand of the servers – 2 200 m3 per minute when servers are operating at full capacity. The wall louvres practically provide the same level of ventilation as if the servers were outdoors.

Another key aspect is the temperature – cold in the winter and heat in the summer – therefore, it was of paramount importance that the server farms perform well during the winter test runs. As the servers generate a significant amount of heat, freezing point can never be reached in the winter; and heat can escape freely through the wall louvres in the summer. Furthermore, we have installed a firewall in the container to physically separate the cool and hot air, which is placed right behind the computers. This solution proved to be most efficient because air conditioning would result in not only additional costs but also physical difficulty.

Mining computers operate slightly louder than regular computers, but the noise is not disturbing from the outside and meets all noise protection restrictions. Inside the container, we placed headphones so that internal maintenance can be performed undisturbed by our colleagues.


Our security system consists of a camera and alarm. The data center also keeps track of all door openings and closures, and allows access only after authentication. Using the security camera, it is possible to monitor the interior of the container continuously. An uninterruptible APC power supply ensures that mains and safety devices remain available even in the event of a power failure.

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We can check up on the servers at any time with the camera placed in the container

Production time

We place great importance on working with local Hungarian suppliers in case of a product developed in Hungary. We designed the interior of the container with that in mind. Local suppliers enable us to have a product ready within 30 days. Launching a globally competitive Hungarian-developed product to market makes us extremely proud.