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Economies of scale is becoming a barrier to start participating in the world of data

The greatest challenge of data center operation, especially in developed regions, is high energy cost. At a high price level, profitability is only possible beside extreme optimization. As return on investment is influenced by two variables – efficiency of server operation and cost of electricity – server owners must optimize for these two factors. Turning an investment in data centers lucrative requires conscious, professional business management. Conducting operations in a professional manner is must when scale becomes a barrier to entry, thus significantly reducing the number of market participants. A significant concentration of capital is required to enjoy the benefits of investing in data centers. Further stabilization of the industry is expected in the future, however, return rates are still surpassing those of other sectors. Our business model allows server owners to focus their investments into servers while we provide the necessary infrastructural, software and financial framework. Since investing with Enerhash is a turnkey solution, the rapidly changing environment is no longer an issue. We optimize capital investments both financially and technologically.

Competitive electricity price as the main driver of our value proposition 

The Enerhash Group has developed a solution that allows small investors to tap into the benefits large investors enjoy. By accumulating capital and investing it in data centers located directly at the power plant site, we can provide outstanding returns for all our customers.

We establish a direct connection at power plants that have significant excess capacity. Our data center acts as a consumer for the excess power that the power plant can sell to us at a very reasonable price due to the direct connection. Thus we optimize for one of the main factors of profitability. Enerhash makes this virtual server capacity available even per shelf for customers in the DATABOX.

In order to optimize the other key factor – efficiency of servers – we provide professional assistance with the purchase and selection of blockchain servers. We market and stock servers, and take care of related logistics processes, including resales of servers among our partners. By choosing the right machine and benefiting from an internationally competitive electricity price, our customers’ investments enjoy a pay off at maximum speed.

Outsource system management to Enerhash to save time and money

Enerhash provides adequate physical and virtual support and system management services. As part of our offer, we monitor the operation of the servers 24 /7. We perform regular maintenance, including dusting on site and, if necessary, also manage exchange of products with a warranty. Setup is handled by our colleagues who also configure the servers. Learn more about our hosting service from this blog post.

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