Maximizing the value of power generation by connecting data centers

We tap into the synergies between the energy sector and blockchain servers by connecting high-consumption server parks to power plants, which provide fixed consumption and extra flexibility, maximizing the value of energy production.

For energy companies
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Additional revenue stream
Enerhash provides a new revenue stream offering a price that exceeds the average market price without an investment requirement
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No commercial licence required
Establishing a connection is not subject to a commercial license, the producer can sell to Enerhash directly
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Flexible consumption
The easily-adjustable consumption of data centers enables a flexible response to balancing market and power exchange business opportunities
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Monetization of excess capacity
We provide a predictable yet flexible base load consumer throughout the year, which also balances production volatility
For server owners
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Competitive energy prices
With mutually beneficial direct connections to power plant, we can offer internationally competitive electricity prices
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No infrastructural investment required
We provide the complete electrical and IT infrastructure for the operation of data centers on an industrial scale
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Safe operation
Technical conditions and stable operation are monitored 24/7, as well as, regular maintenance of servers is carried out by Enerhash
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Complete operational management
We provide the complete administrative background from legal and business framework to logistics
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Enerhash DATABOX
Our state-of-the-art mobile data center enjoys total mobility since it is built on the structure of a standard 20 feet marine container that can be moved directly to the energy source. With enough room to accomodate 156 ASIC miners, the power consumption of a single DATABOX can be as high as 0.5 MW, a considerable consumer even for power producers.
Number of accommodated servers
Maximum performance
500 kW